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Here Comes Everybody by Kennardphillipps and Scott Lang

29 February to 27 May 2016

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Shove it, KennardPhillipps, 2016

The Travelling Gallery, in association with Still Gallery, Edinburgh, is pleased to present the exhibition Here Comes Everybody by Kennardphillipps and Scott Lang.

This highly collaborative project uses a combination of mediums and materials such as photomontage, digital print, collage and stencils to address important social concerns, from local to global. With a direct and immediate approach, Here Comes Everybody includes contrasting billboard imagery of London's slick financial landscape in Canary Wharf against the rough medium of spray paint and stencils reflecting street art and gang tag practice. Highlighting the ever increasing gap between average wages and top executives.

Growing inequality and the political elite is just one example of important social and political concerns both kennardphillipps and Scott Lang aim to address and highlight through their artistic practice. Our general understanding of such issues is increasingly shaped by the media and the internet, therefore by using the news outlets as the artists' medium, a deadened image can be altered and its message changed, creating more direct means of communication with much greater impact.

Demonstrating the importance of collaboration, the concept of Here Comes Everybody hinges around strong participation by local audiences from the artist led War on War Room workshops, held throughout Scotland in conjunction with the Travelling Gallery's tour. The artists have developed an inclusive methodology concerned with breaking down the barriers between creation and consumption. Using the same creative processes as kennardphillipps and Scott Lang, participants will have the opportunity to produce artwork which will subsequently be incorporated into the Here Comes Everybody exhibition as the tour progresses.

Exploring the power of the image through the use of readily available materials, familiar visuals are manipulated and their original intentions changed. These altered images activate conversations and allow the participants and audience to question political agendas and the concept of censorship. Freedom of speech is encouraged and hierarchies are abolished. Overall this creates a heightened yet accessible engagement with the audience.

During Spring 2016 the Travelling Gallery will be touring throughout Scotland. Check the Current Tour Dates and Locations page for details of venues.

Scott Lang (b.1978, Glasgow) is a Glasgow based artist who graduated in 2015 with a BA (Hons) in Visual Arts from Glasgow Kelvin College. He has worked alongside kennardphillipps since 2013 and co-ran the War on War Room workshops with Stills Gallery in 2015.

kennardphillipps is the collaborative practice of London-based artists Peter Kennard (b. 1949, London) and Cat Phillipps (b. 1972, Edinburgh). Exhibitions include: Here Comes Everybody, Stills, Edinburgh, UK (2015); Boom, Bubble & Blast, Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany (2015); From Heaven to Hell, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belgium (2015); After Image, Galeria Civica, Trento, Italy (2015); Caught in the Crossfire, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry, UK (2013-15) and LIVING WITH WAR: Artists on war and conflict, GoMA, Glasgow, UK (2013).

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