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How to Book

What You Need to Know

The Travelling Gallery (TG) travels to all areas of Scotland. Generally, the only places we don't visit are those where the TG can't physically get there - but we try our very best to reach everyone. The TG is usually booked for five days but single days are also possible at a daily cost if the itinerary allows. As part of the Green Arts Initiative we try to stay in one area for a few days at a time.

We have two exhibitions each year. Our spring tour generally runs from February to June and August to December.

At the core of the Travelling Gallery is arts education and we create a unique platform for our highly engaging exhibitions. Our education programme includes gallery talks, learning packs, power-points and exhibition booklets. We visit schools, arts centres, community centres, gala days, prisons, shopping areas - just anywhere that we are invited!

What We Need - the Basics

  • a parking space - minimum 49’ x 13’ (15m x 4m)
  • a hard surface on even, level ground (ie not on a slope)
  • access to TWO mains 13-amp plug points (not an extension lead)

Once a day has been agreed, we work with venues to find the best place to park the TG. We have have 100ft outdoor extension cables which run from the bus to a window/door and cable covers to use when the cable crosses a pedestrian area. There is also an on-board generator which can be used if mains power is not possible.

If you would like to find out more please contact us by email or call 0131 529 3930.

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